Adventure Valley Ballito Zipline Tour

Adventure Valley Ballito Zipline Tour

Ballito’s Adventure Valley takes guests on a 1,5-kilometre zip line tour to view the valley's mountains and lush surroundings from a birds-eye view.

The tour even includes a parachuting experience where a secure parachute is attached to guests as they glide down the mountaintop. The zipline tour is made up of 5 cables and 10 platforms and is open to everyone older than 5 years with average fitness.

A relaxed nature walk to the top of the cliff starts the tour, after which guests begin the 'Parazip', where they slide 400 meters down the mountain with the attached parachute giving them the feeling of parachuting over the forest. The zipline tours are accompanied by trained guides to ensure safety and all zipliners are shown exactly how the zip line works before beginning. A full-body harness is used and no braking system is required on the tour.

Zipline tours last up to two hours depending on group sizes. Tours include bottled water, a soft drink, and a certificate of completion. The ziplining tour continues during rainy weather, so weather-appropriate clothing is recommended.

Venue address: 1369 Hopewell Farm, Esenembe Rd, Ballito

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Tel: 032 815 1027 | 082 414 2448