Anglo-Boer War Museum

Anglo-Boer War Museum

Anglo-Boer War Museum features a permanent collection of memorabilia that focuses partly on key figures of the time and also on the firearms that were used by soldiers. Of particular note are exhibits that highlight the war's impact on black South Africans, as well as a bloodstained baby's bonnet showing the holes from stray bullets.

Also referred to as the South African War of 1899-1902, the Anglo-Boer War resulted in bitterness, hatred, dispossession and division for many decades. 120 years later later South Africans and tourists alike can look back at this event as a shared tragedy that shaped the social, political, economical and historical landscape of South Africa as we know it today.

Outside the museum are several memorials, including the National Women's Monument, a 37-meter-high obelisk that commemorates the 26,000 women and children who died in British concentration camps during the Boer War. In the base of the monument is an urn containing the ashes of Emily Hobhouse, an Englishwoman who campaigned for better treatment of the internees.

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Venue address: War Museum, Monument Rd, Bloemfontein

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