Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain Land

Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain Land

Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain Land is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the province. The mountains are recognised for their exceptional beauty, and as an example of some of earth’s most impressive processes (ecological and biological).

The entire area is made up of small mountains and hills, with altitudes of between 600 and 1 800 metres above sea level. Forests, valleys and grassy plains are all part of the countryside. There are walking, hiking and cycling trails in the area, which are perfect ways to enjoy the prettiness of Mpumalanga at a comfortable pace.

The Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain Land is home to a few nature reserves of different sizes. These offer game driving, birding, wildlife photography, and off-road trails.

UNESCO has also awarded the area for being an important habitat to a massive variety of plants and animals. All of these factors have combined to create, an important tourist attraction.

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