Caves by Candlelight

Caves by Candlelight

Caves by Candlelight is an adventure tour hosted by Kestell Adventures, who go deep into the depths of the Lone Creek Caves in Sabie. Families and friends get to gear up in overalls and helmets and get a real mining experience as they explore the tunnels and squeeze through the crawls.

The tour begins with a seven-kilometre drive from Sabie to Lone Creek Cave, where groups suit up and get safety instructions. After the brief, candles are lit and the expedition begins. Guests go through muddy tunnels, dark holes, and large chambers. Opting out of the smaller tunnels is not a problem as each guest's safety and enjoyment is the priority. The Lone Creek Caves present a worthy challenge, as they have unique rock formations making them challenging for all different experience levels.

Tours last two hours and are offered in both English and Afrikaans. All fitness levels are welcome and children six years are older can participate.

Date: Booking required

Time: Booking required

Venue address: Corner of Main & Louis, Trichardt St, Sabie

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

Tel: 072 351 5553