Cheetah Experience

Cheetah Experience

Cheetah Experience is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary where visitors spend quality time at close range with these animals, cuddling cubs and learning about their behaviour from the volunteers.

Servals and caracals are often also in the mix and the park also protects lions, leopards, and wolves. The sanctuary offers a wide range of volunteer and Internship programs, which have seen over 1,000 dedicated people from 33 countries join the Global Volunteer Family.

At Cheetah Experience, the current focus is to ensure that the cheetah breeding project aids in the conservation of the Cheetah, by using the DNA samples taken from their cheetahs to maintain genetic diversity. In 2016 cheetah population figures were revised, showing that the global population of the cheetah is estimated at an average of 7,100 individuals, (down from 100 000 in 1900) and confined to 9% of their historical distributional range.

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Venue address: Farm 20, R101, Bela Bela, Limpopo

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Tel: 072 905 3457