Culture Wine Bar at Grub And Vine

Culture Wine Bar at Grub And Vine

Bree Street’s Culture Wine Bar offers a variety of events to experience all that the South African wine industry has to offer, in style.

Since its recent reopening, the wine bar located at Grub and Vine allows guests to enjoy a curated selection of fine wines from a high calibre of South African names, popular go-to wines, up-and-coming wines, as well as a selection of imported international wines.

The bar is also running Curated By Chris where subscribers can receive a box of six wines every month. Each bottle is specially selected and given a video commentary by resident expert Chris Groenewald.

Groenewald is also running a bi-monthly wine tasting ‘Culture Club’. This features discussions and comparisons regarding a multitude of wines ranging from the vineyards of France to the rolling hills of the Cape Winelands.

Guests can also go to Thirsty Thursdays, a weekly complimentary tasting.

Date: Tuesdays to Sundays

Time: 12pm to 11pm

Price: Free

Venue address: 103 Bree Street, Cape Town

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes


Tel: +27 87 153 5246