Foskor Mine Museum

Foskor Mine Museum

Foskor is one of the world's largest producers of phosphate and phosphoric acid, and their museum archives the company’s development over time. It also highlights the long-standing mining history of the Phalaborwa region, and the significant role this industry has played in terms of the local economy and garnering international recognition.

The museum features artefacts and memorabilia, and explores smelting techniques used thousands of years ago when Sotho people mined for copper and iron ore in the region: setting the scene for generations of miners after them. There’s also content on the site’s opencast mine, dubbed the ‘Big Hole’.

A significant part of this small mining exhibition is dedicated to the cultures of the area and how they shaped the modern identity of the Limpopo province.

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Time: Booking required

Venue address: 27 Selati Rd, Phalaborwa

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Tel: 015 789 2000