Honeydew Mazes

Honeydew Mazes

Honeydew Mazes challenges young and old to test their puzzle-solving skills in one of their giant themed mazes. Teams search for puzzles and clues to help them find their way out of mazes while taking note of the different features or motifs hidden within the walls. On completion of a maze, the team's answer sheet is marked and if the maze is successfully solved, they've earned free ice cream as a reward.

One of the giant mazes found in the park in Johannesburg is the Elemental Maze, constructed from indigenous reed fencing. The maze is centred around 5 themed gardens, representing Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Thought. Each garden, once found, unlocks a new unexplored part of the maze.

The maze includes a BrainBox quiz, that requires teams to find and solve 10 quiz boards before leaving the maze. Honeydew opens corn maizes during the summer that have a new intricate design and theme every year. Guests can bring a picnic and marshmallows to toast by the fire during the moonlight mazes.

Smaller mazes, puzzles and games are available in the courtyard to play once the maze is completed. The activities include mind games, a tricky green maze, rope mazes, hoopla, soccer ball games, and a labyrinth.

Playing times for the larger mazes is 75 to 90 minutes. The mazes are kid-friendly, however, younger kids may need assistance with reading. Those under 16 years of age need an adult to accompany them. Groups must not have more than 5 people and booking is not necessary.

Venue address: Honeydew Mazes, 82 Boland Rd, Zandspruit 191-Iq, Johannesburg

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Website: http://honeydewmazes.co.za/

Tel: 073 795 2174

Email: enquiries@maizemaze.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Honeydew-Amaizing-Mazes