Mountain Sanctuary Park

Mountain Sanctuary Park

Mountain Sanctuary Park is a hiking reserve, offering trails that range from 15 minutes to 8 hours, giving visitors the freedom to enjoy over 1000 hectares of land.

Although considered by most as a reserve for hiking, the area does not have marked hiking routes due to the sensitive nature of the terain. Hikers are thus advised to not expect painted footprints or well marked trails. After a long hike there are several natural rock-pools scattered around the park to enjoy a refreshing swim.

The Park no longer allows day-visitors because of un-ruly behaviour and so accommodation needs to be booked. Various options are available for this, such as chalets, cabins, huts and a camping site. Music, radios, music instruments or any excessive noise is not allowed, a rule which is enforced by the Sanctuary’s right to reserve admission.

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Venue address: Mountain Sanctuary Park, Buffelspoort

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Tel: 0145340114