WOWZULU Cultural Experiences

WOWZULU Cultural Experiences

WOWZULU is a South African sustainable tourism operator that allows guests to experience the Zulu culture in seven different locations in KwaZulu Natal.

The tourism operator offers multiple tours and experiences, two of which are their cultural tour, which visits the local rural communities, and the culinary tour, where guests can sample various Zulu dishes and interact with a local chef.

On the cultural tour, guests observe and are taught about the Zulu culture and practices, and learn about the community’s traditional beliefs and customs and how this has been affected by technology and civilisation. Guests also meet the seven domestic animals that make the WOWZULU Small Seven, the Nguni cow, donkey, goat, sheep pig, dog, and chicken. These animals came to the land a thousand years ago with Nguni tribes and are now an integral part of the community.

In the culinary experience guests sample Zulu dishes from each of the surrounding villages. Guests are also welcome to join the hosts in preparing the meals for a cooking lesson. In Ballito, master chef Phumlani Mthembu also joins the tour to teach guests how to prepare ‘Kasi Taste’ dishes that blend Zulu and Indian flavours. Other culinary tours hosted by WOWZULU teach dishes such as Zulu steamed bread, vetkoek, imfino and many more.

WOWZULU tours must be booked in advance on their website. Cycling, canoeing, and homestays in the village are also offered by the operator.

Venue address: The Design Factory, 4th Floor, 39 Station Dr, Morningside, Durban

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