About NATI Hub

Funded in part by a Presidential grant in the wake of the global pandemic, the idea of the NATI hub is a simple one: to reinvigorate the devastated Tourism and Arts economies.

One of the fundamental steps in this process is to improve the marketing of venues and experiences. The NATI hub is effectively a loudhailer for all Arts and Tourism practitioners, however small.

Crucially, the NATI Hub is NOT a website itself. Its purpose is simply to provide content to other websites.

Those websites can decide not only what content is sent to them, but how it is displayed, and whether it can be updated automatically or manually.

Keep your audience informed

Got a site?

Simply upload a NATI Hub key to your site, and - in keeping with the ‘look-and-feel’ of your site - your listings will always show the latest information on the best things to do in your chosen area.

Got an event, venue, experience?

Upload it once, and get promotion on 1000s of websites across South Africa.

The Process…

1. Submission

Promoters of events, venues, experiences anywhere across South Africa can submit a description of their offering via a simple online form, along with an image and details on how to book.

2. Curation

The admin team at NATI Hub review all submissions and adjust for house style, check the image is good quality, ensure the GPS location is correct etc, and then publish the post.

3. Sharing

All new posts (and any updates) are sent through to keyholders on a daily basis. They can show on the keyholder’s ‘What’s On’ section automatically, or be held for approval / adjustment.

4. Reading

Visitors to a keyholder site can browse the posts of interest to them, and make bookings or leave enquiries as needed. Keyholders also have the option to highlight certain posts for their readers.

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