NATI Hub for Keyholders

Would your website benefit from a What's On section? Almost certainly.

Whether it’s a guesthouse or a radio station or even an estate agent, a ‘What’s On’ section offering listings of all the best events, attractions and experiences in your area would certainly engage your readers’ interest.

A NATI Hub key will ensure your listings remain relevant and up to date with no research, no time, no upkeep required.

Choose by Interest

And /or Choose by Area

What Does a Key Cost?

Websites with under 5 000 visitors per month:
R1 200pa
Websites with 5 000 to 20 000 visitors per month:
R500pm  |  R5 000pa
Websites with 20 000 to 100 000 visitors per month:
R1 300pm  |  R13 000pa
Websites with over 100 000 visitors per month:
R3 500pm  |  R35 000pa

NB These costs fund our training programme for young South Africans to hone their skills in writing, the Arts, PR, branding, digital media etc. Together we can do more to promote Arts & Tourism in South Africa.

FAQs for Keyholders

Can I choose what info to display?

Yes. There are two ways in which Keyholders can ‘slice’ the available information:

  1. You can select certain bands of info, eg ‘Live Events’ and ‘Activities and Attractions’ (but, for example, choose not to display #SupportLocal or Profiles of Local Artists). Within those bands you can also be more specific, e.g. just Visual Arts.
  2. You can select a specific radius from any given point on the map, and only show posts that are relevant to that geographic area.

How will the information display on my site?

What’s On Section
You will be guided through the creation of a ‘What’s On’ section on your site. The NATI Hub posts will find their correct place on your site through the ‘parent’ categories, but you can also create extra categories such as ‘Editor’s Picks’ if there are certain posts you would like to highlight (and perhaps monetise).

Individual Posts
Each Keyholder site ‘reads’ the information sent by the NATI Hub and displays it according to that site’s own theme layout, eg font type, font size, image size, image placement, background colour etc.

Essentially it looks like the rest of the site, the only difference being that the info itself can only be changed by the API Admin Team or by the Promoter who has posted it.
Should the individual Keyholder site have a Comments section for its posts, then comments left on that Keyholder site will only be seen on that Keyholder site.

If I don’t like a post, or don’t agree with its voice / content / message, is there a way to curate what is displayed on my site?

As a Keyholder site you will be able to filter which posts show on your site according to their categories and/or their geographic areas. If you would like to flag a post for any reason you can contact us directly and we’ll review the post. Additionally, you can set your site up to include various fields (eg Editor’s Review, Readers’ Comments), and those additions will be specific to your site.

Will I be exposing my site to unwanted adverts?

No. The hub will only stream posts relevant to the Arts & Tourism industries, all of which will conform to the set house style of being informative but with no ‘hard sell’.

Can I set up a Keyholder site that ONLY draws info from the API?

Certainly! The NATI Hub is designed to assist ‘pocket entrepreneurs’ who want to promote local Arts & Culture in their area. You can also add your own content, and run your own social media to give more promotion to any advertisers you may have on your site or app.

Can I be a Promoter AND a Keyholder?

Yes, certainly. Just sign up under both options.

Is there a cost involved to be a Keyholder?

Yes, there is a small cost involved, which goes towards funding our training programme for young people to hone their skills in writing, the Arts, PR, branding, digital media etc, so that we can do more to promote Arts & Tourism in South Africa.